Become A Google Local Guide in 2020

Become A Google Local Guide in 2020

When Google launched the Local Guide several years ago, no one could have realized that this software is going to have a significant effect on the local search ecosystem. After all, it is an admirable goal to make real people share their thoughts and resources to make Google Maps more usable and precisely. Before proceeding further towards our topic we are going to share what actually a Google local guide is.

What is Google Local Guide?

Google Local Guide is someone who wants to help Google Maps getting better for Google users. They work for the improvement of Google map information. Those who wish to share their local knowledge and experiences can publish information and become a Google Local Guide. Google Local Guides are the key users on Google Maps. They enrich the web experience of other users by analysis, writing reviews, picture sharing, answering to questions and correction or editing of several Google Maps entries.

Google is commonly pointed to as the pioneer solution when it comes to local search. A Local Guide of Google not only ensure that Google keeps its commanding lead in online reviews; they also work to be a source of authority on Google Maps, which surely makes them a valuable asset of Google Business. Google Local Guide is a Google-based online community, whose primary goal is to support the worldwide use of Google maps and other Google resources. There are multiple perks of becoming a Google Local Guide.

Can I earn money after becoming a Google Local Guide?

Many people are coming to ask us “If I can raise money from a local guideline for Google Maps?” The easy answer to your query is “NO”. Google Maps Local Guides are not employed by Google and this service has no income. The Google Maps Group of Local Guides includes individuals who use the Google Maps application to review locations they visit, to take pictures of organizations, to correct company directory details and to answer corporate questions. Google Local Guides is a volunteer initiative. Under the terms of the software, you can work with Google or serve the business in no way merely because you are a local guide. You get points according to the levels set by Google. Each level has points. You will see what you get per step in the following list:

When you’ll reach on level 1, you’ll get 0+ points and following perks

  • With the Google monthly newsletter, you get the inside scoop.
  • You can Join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts
  • You can enter into exclusive contests for Local Guides in selected countries
  • You can join the conversation at Local Guides Connect

When you’ll reach on Level 2 you’ll get 5+ points and following perks

  • You can get early access to the latest Google products and features
  • You can advertise your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar

When you’ll reach on Level 3 you’ll get 50+ points and following perks

  • You can get noticed in Google Maps with your Local Guides badge
  • You will be eligible to receive promotion of unofficial communities

When you’ll reach on Level 4 you’ll get 200+ points and following perks

  • You will be eligible to be featured on Google’s official social media channels including Twitter, Google+, Facebook and more

When you’ll reach on Level 5 you’ll get 500+ points and following perks

That’s how the points are divided

Map Contribution                  Points

Reviews                        10 Point Per Review

200 characters Review  10 Bonus Points Per Review

Rating                           1 Point Per Rating

Photo                            5 Points Per Photo

Video                             7 Points Per Video

Answer                          1 Point Per Answer

Q & Ans Response          3 Points Per Response

Edit                                5 Point Per Photo

Place Added                   15 Points Per Place Added

Road Added                    15 Points Per Road Added

Fact checked                   1 Point per Fact Checked

Google will give you rewards by points as you start adding these items to Google and earn recognition. Google Basic level local guides is level 1 and level 10 is the highest. This is how many information you need to get to the highest level of local guidelines on Google.

In addition, you can build your position in an online community by being a Google Local Guide. It can be good for networking and socializing. If you want to become a Google Local Guide, start taking photographs of companies that you are visiting, review encounters and share them in the Google Maps App online.

How can I become a Google Local Guide?

The entire process of becoming a Google Local Guide is extremely easy. You just need to visit the Google Local Guides by clicking Then you’ll see an orange “Join” button at the right top of the screen. Click on it! While using Google Maps, make sure you are signed in to your Google Account. After that, you’ll need to select your city and check the boxes confirming three things:

  • You are 18 years old or more
  • Read and agree to the Local Guides program rules and regulations
  • Agree to receive emails from the program

Once to click check on the boxes, you can press the “sign up” and wait for the confirmation of your entry into the program. Besides the age limit, for someone who wishes to be a local guide, there are two other requirements. The program is available on where Google Maps is available. The other conditions are that area guides are for private citizens only, not companies. As it is, Google claims that maps are available in ’40 countries and languages.’ This guarantees that local guides’ contributions are true to experience and avoids the future misuse of information submitted by any brand.

You may like to become a Local Guide because you love to share details about the locations and place you’ve been to. You certainly wanted to be a tour guide but now you are into another career, this is for you. Do you love a dish in a restaurant? Just share its image on Google and review the restaurant. Got a secret spot that offers an amazing view? Share about it on Google. After sharing the images of your favourite spots and reviewing them, you can earn points and become a Google Local Guide.


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