5 Places You Must Visit in Sofia, Bulgaria

5 Places You Must Visit in Sofia

Sofia is the largest and the capital city of Bulgaria. The city is located in the western parts of the country in the eponymous valley at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain. Besides being the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe and is rich in breathtaking historic attractions. In fact, some landmarks in Sofia have more than 2000 years of history. 

For instance, the Medieval Boyana church located at the heart of Sofia was built in the 13th century while the George Rotunda church was built by the Romans in the 4th century. Besides having incredible landmarks, this city also offers a plethora of incredible museums, galleries, sightseeing spots, vibrant nightspots, tasty traditional foods, and much more. Sofia is indeed one of the best placed to visit in Europe. Below is a list of the best places to go to in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1. Visit St Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The sight of this incredible landmark will blow your mind away. This church is not only big but its unique architectural design is one of its kind. This church has rooms that can accommodate up to 10,000 people and is currently the second-largest cathedral in southeast Europe. This church was built way back in 1880 immediately after the ottomans were overthrown and that state of Bulgaria re-established. This church was specially dedicated to the Russian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the city liberation. Visit St Alexander Nevski Cathedral is just a few minute’s drive from the CBD.

2. Visit the Vitosha Mountain

If you love nature and hiking, then this is a must-visit place in Sofia. The Vitosha Mountain is located on the outskirts of Sofia and is one of the symbols of this great city. It is ideal for skiing, alpinism, and skiing. Convenient ropeways and buses make the mountain easily. The shortest way to get to the mountain is through Aleko. From there, the walk to the mountain’s black peak is quite easy especially during autumn and spring when the weather is great.

3. Visit the Raketa Rakia Bar

The Raketa Rakia Bar is regarded as a national treasure in Sofia. It is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy traditional Bulgaria cuisine. Liquor lovers can taste the smooth, strong liquor with Bulgarian touch. The Raketa Rakia Bar is centrally located in the CBD. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to enjoy local and international cuisines with friends or your significant other. After enjoying a sumptuous meal, you can order your favorite drink and have fun till late in the night. The bar is also very lively and has some of the finest liquors in Bulgaria.

4. Take a walk on the pedestrian street

The main pedestrian street is located in the heart of Sofia city. It is one of the finest streets in the Balkan region. If you want to do some shopping while in Sofia, then this is the street to go to. From jewelry to beautiful Bulgarian art, this street has it all. It has plenty of shops and restaurants. You will also enjoy an amazing view of the Vitosha Mountain, the largest mountain in Bulgaria that overlooks this great city.

5. Visit the synagogue

Sofia has the largest synagogue in southeast Europe and the third-largest in Europe. The synagogue was built in 1909 by Sephardic Jewish. This was the place here Tsa Ferdinand 1 of Bulgaria was inaugurated. This synagogue can comfortably host more than 1000 people at a go. The synagogue has a permanent exhibition that shows the history of the Jewish community in Bulgaria.

Tips for visiting Sofia Bulgaria

Are you planning to visit Sofia on your next vacation? If yes, then you need to plan how you will move around while in the city. Sofia has a lot of scammer taxis who charge up to double the price than what locals pay. If you want to have a great time while in this great city, you need to book a private transfer from a reputable company like BGTransfer. Private transport will move you comfortably and safely from the airport to your hotel by a trained and experienced chauffeur in a premium grade vehicle.


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