8 Anniversary Cake Ideas


Every anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating because it’s the day when two souls come together. It’s the day that gives the couple and everyone around them a chance to reminisce the sweet memories and to make more for a lifetime. Whether a birthday or anniversary, celebrating it with a cake is the best thing to do. Either order these cake ideas for pampering your partner or to give as a gift to the sweetest couple you have ever come to be associated with.

  1. Heart-Shaped Cakes: Anniversary is all about love and therefore love should be celebrated with heart-shaped cakes. A heart shaped cake guarantees sweet love in every bite, thus making your anniversary or your dear ones anniversary celebration momentous. Red velvet, chocolate, strawberry, black forest, vanilla are all the flavours of love that you can go with.
  2. Photo Cakes: Sweet memories are best cherished when relished together with your partner. So, you should pick a photo cake. Photo cakes are buttercream cakes layered with an edible photo of the recipient. You can also personalise the photo cake with a heart-warming quote or name of the recipient. Square-shaped, round-shaped, and heart-shaped photo cakes are available online for tasting the sweet memories.
  3. Fondant Heart Cakes: Fondant cakes are utterly beautiful because of the detailings. To charm the anniversary celebrations, all you need is a fondant heart cake. A cake adorned with red fondant hearts all over is sure a delight to see and behold. You can avail fondant heart cake in tier shape or any other cake shape in different patterns like a cake adorned with different sizes of fondant hearts, a cake with colourful hearts and picture, cake with ribbons and heart, etc.
  4. Numbered Cake: Numbered cakes are quite in trend in the anniversary cake world. As per your years of togetherness, like one, two, three, fifteen, twenty, and so on, you can get a numbered anniversary cake. Numbered cakes are available both in buttercream and fondant choices; you can choose as per your taste.
  5. Alphabet Cake: Second, to numbered cakes, we have alphabet shaped cake. If you and your partner share the same first alphabet of your name, this one could be your sweet anniversary pick. Or you can get the cake designed in the first alphabet of your partner’s name to surprise him or her, sweetly and lovingly.
  6. King and Queen Cake: There are many ways to show your partner that he is the kind of your life or you are the queen of your heart. But, the best that we know is expressing through a king-queen cake. A fondant cake adorned with a red and black heart, spades, clubs with King-Queen cards used cake toppers or cake adorned with king-queen crowns. Another popular king-queen suggested by doe cake is a checkered chessboard with king-queen pieces on the top.
  7. Rose Cake: Giving rose flowers on an anniversary may seem a little outdated; therefore, we have something unique for you, a rose decorated cake. A buttercream cake decorated with fondant red roses, buttercream roses or edible roses. Buttercream rosette cake is also an excellent option if you and your partner like cream cakes more than anyone else.
  8. Poster Cake: Personalised cakes are quite popular. In the category of personalised cakes, there are poster cakes that are edible. You can get your cream cake customized with an edible anniversary poster as its top layer with names of the couple. Poster cakes are available in a variety of flavours, so pick what the recipient likes.

Over these lip-smacking anniversary cake ideas, fill the atmosphere with mushy love-romance and enjoy the day like never before.


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