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Pedicure Salons

winter season is coming, the season of the dry skin. This is the time to give extra attention to your skin. Have you noticed that the most affected part of our skin in winter is our feet? Your feet need extra attention and care in all types of seasons. To remove the calluses and dead skin cells on the feet and nail you have to get pedicure done on timely bases. Pedicure not only removes the dead cell but also increase the circulation of the feet and legs. if you want to do proper care of your feet and the nails beauty and nail bar provides the best pedicure service in Brighton. 

What is pedicure?

Pedicure is the best technique to clean and mosturies your feet. It is the best way of the nail care. It protects your skin from the corns and fungal infection. The ideal time to get the pedicure done is once in a month. After the deep cleaning and scrub , your feet wil feelso much better and beautiful. It also include the clipping and shaping your nails. It will help in reduce your stress and prevents the possible damage on the toe nail. Pedicure is very important to be safe and aware of your nails health. It promotes relaxation in your body keep hydrate your skin and nails. Also it is very enjoyable and comfortable . 

Importance of pedicure 

There are the five benefits of the pedicure .

  1. The most important part of the pedicure is exfoliation which help to remove all the dead cells of the skin. It will make your skin look attractive and also prevents our skin from the painful bunions and corns.
  2. Your nails of the feet need more care. In pedicure, they cut, clean and trim your nail and prevent your skin from any types of infections due to the toenail ingrowth.
  3. People who wear heels regular suffer blisters and cracks. this may be seen because of the lack of moisture. getting regular pedicure provides the required moisture to your feet.
  4. It provides you relaxation after the work by soaking your feet in the warm water. It can also help ease tension.
  5. Massages given in pedicure increase the blood circulation and relieves tension in the calves and feet.

Classic pedicure of the Beauty and Nail bar salon In Brighton

Beauty and Nail bar salon provides the best service of classic pedicure in the Brighton. In classic pedicure, it provides the gently nurtures foot skin and foot nails. it delights the beautiful appearance of the feet and nails and also ensure their health. It is a traditional way of applying nail color and nail care. It includes a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with either a pumice stone or foot file followed by clipping of the nails and shaping of the nails. it makes your feet look and feel so much smoother softer and silkier. After pedicure you will see that your cuticles, toes, heels and even the bottoms of your feet feel refreshed, relaxed and soothed. 

Benefits of classic pedicure

  1.  it releases tension from your muscles and joints by giving a soothing massage. It also promotes positive health improvement for mind, body and soul. It eases stiffness and increases the well-being.
  2. It protects your skin from the painful and unsightly corns and calluses by removal of the dead skin cells. it makes your feet looks attractive and smoother by encouraging new cell growth. It provides you healthier skin by leveling the skin surface and also help with the dry and cracked heel by gentle scrubbing.
  3. Regular pedicure makes you aware with the early detection of fungal infection, bunions and corns so that they can be treated in early stage. It also protects the toenails inwards growth by cutting and cleaning them regularly.
  4. There are the vast range of nail colors and shades including UV gel treatment that makes your nails looks so adorable a beautiful. you will feel very confident about your nails while going for any events and occasions.
  5. It provides necessary moisture to your dry skin to make them smooth a beautiful. it will also reduce the risk of blisters and other foot problems.

Nail salon pedicure

Nail pedicure is the most important treatment for the feet only experienced and expert staff can provide you the perfect pedicure treatment. Pedicure not only removes the dead cell but also increase the circulation of the feet and legs. if you want to do proper care of your feet and the nails beauty and nail bar provides the best pedicure service in Brighton


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