How to Prank Call Someone Using Apps?

prank call apps

Even the most experienced prank callers mess up occasionally when trying to fool someone over the phone, so there’s no shame if your first attempt doesn’t go the way that you planned.

Prank calls appear easy, but like most things, it takes a fair amount of practice to do them well. For the majority first-timers, nerves typically cause shakiness in the voice preceded by a lot of mumbling. 

If you’ve experienced similar issues, it may be time to download your first prank call app! These types of apps allow you to make hilarious prank calls, using unique features exclusively offered by each one.

Below is a list of best prank calling apps of 2020, enjoy!


The OwnagePranks brand has been around for some time, exclusively known for their insanely brilliant youtube channel featuring the best prank calls online. However, did you know they also have a prank calling app?

This prank dial app enables anybody to fool others during a call, providing over 100 prerecordings with new ones added every week. Each prerecorded call presents a unique scenario, applicable to just about any situation i.e. a birthday company angrily insisting you bought a pinata or a neighbour asking for your Wifi password.

So how do you prank call someone? Making a prank call is extremely straightforward to do. To begin, browse through their prank scripts to find what you need (categories are in place to help segregate pranks), choose your contact and call. Once the call commences, prerecordings will play automatically. Simply relax and listen in to enjoy your friend’s memorable reactions.

Calls afterward are recorded, so you can immediately listen again and relive the fun.

Pocket Casts 

If you prefer to make your own prank scripts but are completely out of ideas, with the Pocket Casts app you’ll never run out of material as you’ll be listening and learning from the very best in the business!

Although it’s not your traditional prank calling app, it offers users a variety of fun prank calling shows featured via podcasts. Shows include The Snow Plow Snow stream, The Prank Podcast and Madhouse Radio.

These podcasts often deliver the freshest and most original prank calls today, which will certainly help assist you with your own prank dials. 

MagicCall- Voice Changer App

This app is typically used by experienced pranksters who consistently love to make prank calling gags to their friends and colleagues. However, despite a person’s experience to change accents over the phone to fool others, there will come a time when you’ll be recognized.

However, MagiCall-Voice Changer provides an ideal solution, giving prank callers the ability to transform their voices using different sound effects effortlessly. 

So what sound effects are available? Altogether there are five available to transform your speaking voice; these are Cartoon, DreamGirl, Male, Female and Kid. You’re also offered background effects which can be played during calls; some of these include Rain, Concert, Traffic.

Users wanting to hear beforehand how they sound making a prank call can use their demo call to record themselves, which will automatically playback your adjusted voice afterward. Furthermore, voice changes can be done in real-time during a phone call, so you can continuously switch between voices. Most voice changer apps require a prerecording initially to change a person’s voice, disabling a person to make live prank calls. 

Phone Booth Free 2 for iPhone

This application can have a multitude of uses apart from prank calls, which make it an incredibly useful and versatile app in everyday life.

Phone Booth Free 2 is a prank call simulator which enables users to schedule incoming calls to occur immediately, or throughout the day.

A fake incoming call really gets the creative juices flowing as it will be entirely up to you on what prank you want to play. A popular use for fake incoming calls would be to escape awkward and boring situations with a valid excuse. If you’re at a boring work meeting or party, organize a call, answer and pretend you have an emergency. Since incoming calls are inconspicuous, nobody will suspect a thing.  Other than getting out of tight situations, this app also has a wide range of celebrity callers that are available to use. Some of these include the Queen, Rihanna, Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber!


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