15 Rainierland Alternatives That Work In 2020

15 Rainierland Alternatives That Work In 2020

If you are a big movie lover, then you must be very curious to know the best website to stream and download the latest movies. One of the most famous websites for watching free movies and series is Rainierland. Unfortunately, the website is knocked down by the government because it was uploading pirated/copyrighted content with the permission of the authorities and sharing it among a huge mob of audience. As we all know that piracy is causing a huge loss to the entertainment industry so the government is taking all the possible steps to remove the websites that promote piracy. If you want to know everything about Rainierland, then you need to read this blog entirely. Here in this blog, we are going to share a list of alternatives to Rainierland and a lot more about the legality and safety of this platform.

What is Rainierland?

Rainierland is a free movie streaming platform that allows you to watch the latest movies and series. You can easily visit Rainierland’s official website to see the list of all films that are categorized according to their genres like comedy, horror, romance, action, thriller, suspense, crime, documentary and adult. There’s a big list of websites like Rainierland that lets you pick the movies you want to watch. The best films on the Rainierland made the website a favourite website among film enthusiasts. Rainierland has no problems which cause trouble to the users. The site is secure to use because the website contains minimum ads. Despite being a pirated website, the website gathers the attention of millions of internet users from all over the world. The main reason for the popularity of Rainierland website is its amazing features, easy-to-use interface and a massive collection of movies. All the videos and movies are uploaded on this website in HD format.

Is Rainierland legal and safe?

Like all other pirated sites, Rainierland is also an illegal site that uploads pirated content on its platform and provides users with free access to the premium HD content. No piracy website can be browsed safely if you don’t have an antivirus and VPN to secure your device. So if you are downloading the movies from Rainierland then let us remind you that it is not from a legal source and you might get into trouble. There is a punishment for accessing websites that provide pirated content. You might face imprisonment and a fine up to 10 Lakhs for accessing pirated content to save money.

These websites are also accessed by hackers, so you might end up getting hacked by the hackers while using these piracy websites. Some virus might also attack your device, and you lose your important files in a matter of seconds. There is a risk while browsing the websites that uploads pirated content. You should also avoid sharing movies and series links with friends, even if you’re using the website for personal entertainment. To use Rainierland safely, it’s important to have a VPN in your device.

Alternatives to Rainierland

1. Putlocker

The website began back in 2011 for the first time. Since then, Putlocker has been able to become one of the biggest free movie streaming platforms on the internet. It’s one of the best alternatives to Rainierland. Putlocker is a popular platform for free streaming of films. It offers numerous genres for film, series, TV shows and other stuff. If you are searching for a website that provides you with awesome content, then Putlocker won’t disappoint you. Due to copyright problems, the website has also experienced shutdowns, but it has still managed to make a comeback. You can stream series and movies free without registering an account on this platform. The website displays some advertisements, but still, people enjoy it because of its massive library of movies and series.

2. Geeker

If you are searching for Rainierland alternative that does not annoy you with unwanted advertisements, then Geeker is the right solution for you. Geeker is a popular streaming platform that lets you watch ad-free movies and series. Apart from movies, TV shows and series, this website also displays a massive list of books, games and songs. It has an easy-to-use interface, so even the beginners can use it easily without any hassle. On Geeker, you can watch the latest movies and series in HD format. You cannot download movies from Geeker, but if you have an internet connection, then you can stream the website anytime anywhere without any interruption. This website is not free to access. You’d have to pay as low as $0.95 per month to stay connected with the movie streaming service.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is also a popular website like Rainierland that offers an extensive collection of movies and series to the movie lovers. You can watch all the latest movies and series that are available on the premium OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The best thing about the website is that you can download the movies and series and watch them in your free time without internet. All the movies and series are available in HD format on Fmovies. The layout of Fmovies is quite unique, smooth and simple. The user interface is also friendly, so a beginner can also stream movies and series on Fmovies easily.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is surely one of the most popular names in the list. Popcornflix gives fierce competition to Rainierland. This platform offers you a massive collection of latest movies and series free of cost. The website is exceptionally organized and has a user-friendly interface. If you want to get a little insight into the file, then you can read the reviews and ratings of the movie on Popcornflix. You can watch romantic, horror, action, suspense, crime, comedy and thriller movies on Popcornflix in HD format for free. It’s a perfect website that you can opt for binge-watching.

5. PrimeWire

The best alternative to Rainierland, PrimeWire is a famous platform for streaming latest movies and series for free. From horror to adult to thriller movies, you can watch everything free of cost on PrimeWire. The website has an easy-to-use interface and a very large collection of popular hits. The availability of movies according to their genres makes this website popular among a lot of movie lovers. The website is neatly organized so that the users can easily find what they actually want. If you want to watch movies and series in HD format, then you have to buy its premium subscription. You can stream videos in 360p for free. Overall, the platform will give you a great movie streaming experience.

6. 123 Movies

Also known as GoStream, 123 Movies is a popular movies streaming platform that is used by a lot of movie lovers on the place of Rainierland. The website covers a huge range of movies and series that are available on premium OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix. With more than 25 Million active users, the website is gaining a huge popularity day by day. It has a super friendly user interface, so even if you are a beginner, you can easily stream movies and series. Ads on this website might annoy you sometimes. On the bright side, everything is free on this platform and few ads are justified. You can also download the movies and series for free. The website is going to give you a great streaming experience. Try it!

7. Hubmovie

When you are eagerly searching the latest movies, TV shows and series, there is nothing better option than Hubmovie. This platform is considered as an excellent alternative to Rainierland. The website has a simple interface and a sophisticated layout. You might encounter some ads, but they are not frequent. There is no point of getting irritated with a minimum number of ads when you are getting amazing latest movies and series for free on Hubmovie. The ads won’t ruin your movie streaming experience. You get the reviews and description of every movie and series on this platform, which is a plus point. However, there is no download option available here. Make sure creating an account to stream movies and series on Hubmovie.

8. Mega Share

A website which is not so appealing at first glance, but it definitely has something that you’ll like streaming. Mega Share is a great website with a huge collection of movies and series. It is a popular website that is used by millions of movie lovers from all around the globe. The website has an extremely user-friendly interface, which you can operate easily. You also get filters to find the best movie and series for the entertainment. The website also provides reviews and descriptions of its collection, which further helps you decide what to watch. Random ads on the platform can be annoying sometimes. The website is providing you with a free collection of movies and series. Try streaming your favourite latest or classic movie on Mega Share today for free.

9. Watch Series

Can’t decide what to watch? Want recommendations? Watch Series has got you covered. It is a leading platform for movie streaming and a popular alternative to Rainierland. It is a website with a very straightforward user interface and a massive collection of movies and series categorized according to their genres, release date, IMDB rating, etc. With the categorization feature, you can easily decide what to watch. No registration required to access movies and series on Watch Series. Annoying pop-up ads are the only drawback of this website. Overall, you get plenty of movies and series on this platform free of cost.

10. Netflix Movies

How can we forget adding Netflix in our list? Netflix Movies is the most popular movie streaming platform with a huge collection of top hits in the world. Netflix Movies is a paid movie streaming platform, but the content it offers to its users is just amazing. Netflix app is also available for both Android and Apple smartphone users. It is an easy-to-use platform with no annoying ads. The user-interface of the platform is also very friendly, attractive and unique. To watch the latest movies and series, you need to sign up and create an account on Netflix. You can but monthly and yearly subscription plan to stream exceptional content on Netflix Movies.

11. Amazon Prime Video

If we are mentioning Netflix Movies, then we can’t forget Amazon Prime Video. It is another top-rated, paid OTT platform with a huge collection of movies, series, TV shows and documentaries. Amazon Prime Video has its own original content and other hits, classic and latest movies and series. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. You can stream movies and series in 360p and HD quality on Amazon Prime Video. Since it is a paid platform, there are no annoying pop-up ads. You can enjoy one month trial before deciding whether to buy a subscription plan or not. The platform is a great alternative to Rainierland.

12. SolarMovies

With more than 70 million active users, SolarMovies is a popular alternative to Rainierland. The free popular movie streaming platform holds a huge collection of a hit, latest and classic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The collection of movies and series is categorized according to their genres on this platform. You can freely stream romantic, horror, action, suspense, crime, comedy and thriller movies on SolarMovies. The website has a straightforward user interface and an attractive layout. You won’t feel annoyed while using this website because it has a minimal number of ads. When it comes to hassle-free movie streaming experience, SolarMovies is the right choice for the users.

13. Vumoo

If you are searching for a free movie streaming platform with a simple interface, user-friendly design, zero ads, and decent video quality, then Vumoo is the right choice for you. Vumoo is a popular website which holds a huge collection of a hit, latest and classic movies. It is an excellent alternative to Rainierland. The website gives you a proper search filter and genre division. If you know what you want to watch, then the website is a great choice for you. You can stream movie and series without creating an account on Vumoo. The website has a fast speed, so you are not going to face buffering while watching a video on Vumoo. Overall, you are going to get a smooth movie streaming experience on Vumoo.

14. Movies Time

Spend your free time watching hit movies and series on Movies Time. It is the top alternative to Rainierland and a great platform for streaming free movies. You get the latest releases in almost all popular languages on Movies Time. It has a straightforward user interface that allows you to stream and download movies without any hassle. For short files, this website is a great choice. You can stream movies in 360p and HD quality. This platform has a massive library of the latest movies and series for its users. Choose this cool platform to watch your favourite movies and series in a few easy steps.

15. Fox Movies

One of the top-rated alternatives to Rainierland, Fox Movies is a famous online platform for streaming free movies and series. For all movie addicts out there, Fox Movies is the right choice. With a great collection of latest movies and series, this platform attracts a huge number of movie lovers from all over the world. Be it sci-fi, romantic, horror, comedy or action, you get access to the latest collection of top-rated movies according to their genres, release date, IMDP rating, description and reviews. Random advertisements in between the streaming will not irritate you. You can stream whatever you want on Fox Movies.

Final Words!

So, these were the best alternatives to Rainierland that you can choose to stream all the latest and classic hits without any hassle. Most of the platforms are paid in the list, but they are legal and on the other hand, some are illegal and free. So, the next time to decide on binge-watching a series and movie, then choose any one of these platforms and enjoy your time. 


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