Writing Skills: How To Make Money If Can Write Great Essays

Writing Skills: How To Make Money If Can Write Great Essays

Knowing how to write great papers is a great skill since only few people know how to write high quality papers. Interestingly, writing essays can be used to earn money just like any other occupation. There several platforms that you join and most of them are online. These platforms can help you come up with great essays. A professional essay writer has to understand writing styles, have good grammar, understand active or passive voice and be able to know the need of his or her audience before writing an essay.

 Writing Blogs

An essay writer can join various avenues in order to earn money has a freelance writer. Blogging is one of them a known means of writing nowadays. In the past newspaper articles took the largest share. Nevertheless, with time blogs have taken over with a large audience composed of different groups’ and ages. This can be attributed to the fact that blogs are relatively formal, written in good language with writers passionate a particular subject or topic such as sports, education, fashion, health or travelling etc.

Besides, as a writer you can earn income by updating business organizations blogs, their products or services they offer. For instance, the writer can check a food outlet being managed by a business organization, have photos and write a review in regard to the product or outlet as blog post. He or she is then paid for the review and the photos captured from the out let can be used as marketing tool for the outlet.

The main reason why company make such payments to writers is due to the fact that the blog post server as a conversation mode to the public especially if the blogger is famous. The social media gives room for the reader to respond to the blog with likes and shares or comments that in turn promote the blog post through the viral effect and in turn returns to the company product.

   Writing for Peers and Classmates

You can also make income through writing for your friends and colleagues. For instance, if you specialize in marketing and you excelled in that subject, you can help your peers excel in the subject by helping them with coursework since you are already the best in the subject. As writer you might charge them money for preparing good assignments for them.

In deed writing for your friends can be a good experience since it improves communication by limiting the gap. It will be improve on both ends to know the quality and type of essays your peers actually want you to write for them. In addition, you are like to charge more to the level of personalization the service is.

Essay Writing Companies

There are a good number of companies that are working on the internet and hire writers as freelance workers. For Instance, websites such Essay Mojo are offering professional essay writing services. As a good and talented writer you can request for employment from such organization and start earning good salary from subjects of interest.

What you will enjoy writing with such companies is that they pay high for essay writing. Besides, the work is regular and consistent hence will make you work for several years with such professional essay writing companies. With time you will be in a position to negotiate rates since they have a lot of work and also they will be able to know your writing ability.

  Personal Experience As an Essay Writer

My experience as a writer for hire has been a travel writer. At first I did know any means of getting income through writing. Nevertheless, my general reviews about traveling and camping outlets, through platforms like Facebook, instgram and twitter got noticed. Thus, it motivated me to write as travel writer. I began writing reviews for restaurants, camping sites, means transports which I classified as paid reviews. With time so many activities increased and work in life, I decided to go as a designated freelance writer working as a blogger under the travelling niche.

Nonetheless, what keeps me going on with essay writing, besides making a living as a writer is that most people within my age group are earning a living as freelance workers online. Most professional who cannot find any other form of income are finding themselves living on writing as their main professional occupation. In addition, this type of job seems it will be there for a long time.

In a nutshell

It is much easier to earn a living as writer nowadays than it was in the past. Several avenues and platforms have come up where essay writers can use to showcase their writing skills. Whereas many people see essay writing as arduous and boring, those who are capable of creative writing find it easy and motivated within the industry. So can’t you join the industry and start making a living through making money as a writer?


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