[pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] Error Solution

[pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] Error Solution

When submitting the email from your angle account, you might be going up against this bungle. Error message: “Unrelated to worker. Link Error 10051 Error number: [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2]” Error message: “Unrelated to worker.”

What is blunder [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] and for what reason does it happen?

Misstep no:[pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] is a product of the SMTP worker’s conflict which arises when the item patterns are weak. You need to double-check all the limits entered and correct them with your port numbers, validation, and stable affiliations. If all of these have faultless tendencies and you are up, so you will find the scheme in the below tactics until now with the mistake.

How to fix Error [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2]?

  • In any event, we will address each reasonable course of action to select or endeavour all of them, there are different approaches to handle this slip-up.
  • Double check your record settings before beginning the course of action as cry:
  • Snap to the Tools menu, pick a record that creates a problem, and then press Assets.
  • Verify that the Dynamic Mail Labourer (SMTP) name is right. Like the one below:
  • If the worker wants my specialist’s assurance check mark, approval is required.
  • Snap on More Settings
  • The equivalent shown by your FAE is the SMTP port number search.
  • In the event that the association is stable, this worker wants a safe SSL association to verify the imprint at that point.

Simple Methods To Fix Error [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2]

Microsoft Outlook botch [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] occurs on windows 10 that shows the issue with Outlook Express or Windows Mail. This botch generally happens in light of the conflict between SMTP Servers. Exactly when a customer endeavours to send letters without authentic settings of the record.

Follow beneath all the arrangement exploration techniques:

Technique # 1

  • Fixing through Programs and Features Tab
  • In specific, attempt to patch this mess up of Outlook Express by software and features using the auto repair gadget as follows:
  • Snap the grab and scan software and applications on Windows (you can open the control board similarly and go through tasks and applications)
  • Microsoft Office 365 mission in activities and functionality. (or then pick some appropriate office programme again)
  • Click on shift at the top of the Programs and Features window to pick “Fix” and keep fast to the rules on the computer.
  • Note: Restart Outlook when it finishes getting ready and check if the bumble code is taken out, if it drives ahead, and then attempt technique 2.

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Technique # 2 Check the setup of worker specifications as follows:

  • Open Outlook from applications.
  • Open File.
  • Record Settings.
  • Snap email tab from the record setting window and you will consider the to be window as underneath:
  • Select your email account from the once-over.
  • Snap on the email account by then snap on more settings.
  • Directly open the web email setting.
  • Open the dynamic specialist tab.
  • Engraving on the principle elective, my dynamic laborer (SMTP) requires affirmation.
  • Snap Ok to save the setting.
  • In the wake of tapping on okay by and by restart the point of view and check if bumble [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] is disposed of else move to the accompanying game plan.
  • Check Duplicate Accounts or Uninstall Duplicate Accounts for Technique # 3.

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Technique # 3

  • Is the proposal still not been received? We should have the duplicate documents reviewed. In addition, the clarification behind Error [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] must be explained and the potential solution might be to delete duplicate documents. Pursue the options beneath
  • Snap from Viewpoint on Menu.
  • From the menu, open record settings and snap on the mailing tab.
  • Check the description for a duplicate list, and pick one.
  • See image below: Snap on take-out to remove one duplicate record:
  • As a result, the duplicate record restart outlook is disposed of and check if you are currently watching Error Code[pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2]. By then, the dilemma is a little uncertain that we can proceed with forward procedure 4 and verify if we are fortunate.

Technique # 4 Server Port Number Update.

  • Enable your Outlook
  • Snap File and Go to Account Settings
  • Snap Email from the record environment, and from the overview, pick your email address.
  • There will be another Email Address window.
  • Go to More Options and Snap to Options for Internet Communication.
  • Snap to Page Advanced
  • Changing the (SMPT) port number specifically from 465 to 5877
  • To save changes, snap on OK, see image below.
  • Following the completion of the reset viewpoint of the settings and asking that the error [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] be dispensed with if you are fortunate, the problem is known if we do not even have Technique 5.

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Technique # 5 Search your browser for antivirus applications.

  • Here, this solution is an important reaction to solving the mix-up. For quite a while, the challenged individual antivirus can shield Microsoft Outlook from forming an email client relationship.
  • Impairment Antivirus as Precautions to Take
  • Choose Start
  • Configurations
  • Protection and Repair
  • Protection for Windows
  • Pollution and disaster security
  • Manage (or Malware and Vulnerability Protection settings in prior Windows 10 interpretations) settings.
  • To uninstall it, each antivirus has different settings. As seen by the object you are using, search.
  • If it also contradicts the slip-up[pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2], switch to Technique 6.

Technique # 6 Uninstall Outlook and Reinstall

So you’re on technique six, and that’s in spite of the fact that it didn’t work on more than five procedures. The last screw-up solution [pii_email_66bd628d1556c40d33a2] is to uninstall perspective directly and reinstall it again. Have a look at adding that record in the aftermath of the presentation again.

  • Uninstall the following developments in Microsoft Outlook:
  • Open Software and Control Panel Features.
  • Project for Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Office 365 is part of Outlook)
  • Microsoft Office 365 double-tap.
  • To complete the uninstallation, cling to the path on the screen.
  • Show Microsoft’s view again in the aftermath of finishing the uninstallation.
  • Set up another record, recall it for insight, and attempt to send the email again.


If no one is going to work for you, we trust that all strategies will work for you, so let us understand that we will find another possible answer for you. If you have some other mess up, comment us by then as well so we’re going to monitor you to dump that too.


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